Arte is a Spanish-based IT Consulting firm that supports companies meet their technology objectives. We develop unique, joint alliances using knowledge, talent and information technologies. We currently conduct activities in the areas of Technology Consulting and development of technological applications in addition to outsourcing consulting. We are highly specialized on Data, Integration and Dissemination and E-Government.

Our growth has always been based on our own experience and our own initiative. It means that we have been able to expand to meet the specific needs of the company, providing our clients with the precise solutions needed and adapting our way of working to their company cultures. We offer our clients results, ensuring they have the best of a wide range of resources at their disposal wherever they are located.

We search out the best solutions for each of our clients and for each of their projects. We have an open and direct approach towards our clients working together with them at all times. We are committed to our corporate values, based on: performing technological excellence as a competitive tool, developing Technological innovation in all our projects and focusing in our expertise.