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In Arte we offer development, deployment, and evolution services of eGovernment systems. We apply the latest technology based on standards, providing added value that enable organizations to become more competitive. And all this based on the guarantee of our wide experience in the development and implementation of eGovernment projects.


eCivilis Smartwork

Imagine a word of efficient services… eCivilis brings it to you

We are Silver Partners of eCivilis Smartwork.

eCivilis SmartWork is a business ecosystem that allows for the development of new applications and services in an easy and integrated way. As an example, eCivilis SmartWork manages the basic components necessary to construct applications and services related to the Electronic Administration of public organizations.

eCivilis SmartWork uses a web-services based interface for each of the components managed. This API allows total access to the functionality of each component, in such that the applications included in the platform make use of the same to accomplish their tasks.

eCivilis SmartWork is entirely transparent at the technological level, in such that one can interact with any of its discrete modules clearly and simply. It can be easily integrated with existing systems or future systems in any type of organization.

eCivilis SmartWorkis based on the utilization of protocols and tools that are based on open standards, whether official or de facto. To interact with the module platforms you simply need to know the standard existing protocols for interoperability. That’s because the technology used in eCivilis SmartWork is based on technology commonly used in the development of information systems, which guarantees simplicity of integration with the platform, as well as people capable of adequately adapting and configuring it.

eCivilis SmartWork aims towards integration into existing organizations that already use other information systems. In order to successfully organize all the features offered by our platform, we have chosen to follow the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA). And we have done it solidly, such that any feature offered by eCivilis SmartWork is accessible through specific components that make use of web services. That’s because eCivilis SmartWork is designed with a combination of easily reusable components that allow the creation of other applications, making use of their features.

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