Professional Associations

We have developed a comprehensive technology solution to provide a clear added value to the relationship between professional associations and its associates

  • The main objective of the platform is ensure that both professional associations and their associates enjoy the benefits of eGovernment optimized to their real needs





Professional Associations are the entities delegated by the administration to certify the ability to exercise a profession. The purpose of the Professional Associations is the organization of professional practice, the exclusive representation of them, and defending the professional interests of the members.

  • Fully customizable and scalable to any profile, open and designed to work entirely in web environments.
  • It has all the technology and features developed for large eGovernment projects adapted and optimized for the characteristics of professional associations

eVisa Module : The Electronic Visa module facilitates the entire process, quickly, with full security and reliability.




Our Solution is entirely transparent at the technological level, in such that one can interact with any of its discrete modules clearly and simply. It can be easily integrated with existing systems or future systems in any type of organization

Designed with a Service Oriented Architecture

The platform aims towards integration into existing organizations that already use other information systems. In order to successfully organize all the features offered by our platform, we have chosen to follow the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA)

High Performance

Incredibly short service response times allow an enjoyable experience using our product, and substantial improvements in user productivity are achieved

Standards Based

The solution is based on the utilization of protocols and tools that are based on open standards, whether official or de facto. To interact with the module platforms you simply need to know the standard existing protocols for interoperability

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Electronic Administration
  • Electronic Document Repository
  • Electronic Signature and Timestamp
  • Third Party Databases
  • Procedural Databases
  • Organizational Databases
  • Electronic Forms
  • Payment Platforms
  • Telematic Communications
  • Electronic Timeclock Registry
  • Record Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

Is necessary to have other applications to use the solution?

No, the platform integrates all the necessary modules to develop their capabilities. You only need Internet access and Acrobat Reader.

What equipment is necessary for the correct performance of the application?

The solution was developed entirely in web environments and just requires users to have internet access

What differences exist between the solution and a similar customized platform?

Technically, none. It is also fully customizable to the needs of each organization. The biggest difference, of course, is the cost of developing, infinitely less than “custom” applications

Is the solution viable for any size of organization?

Scalability has been one of our goals. The platform fits any size requirement without losing quality in the performance of their applications.



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