Have an idea?

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds Mark Twain

An idea is an image that exists in the mind. In Arte we appreciate good ideas, so if you have one, tell us, we are committed to study it.

What do we offer?

If your idea is selected, you will have access to a job in our office, a scholarship for a year to develop your professional career and a great team behind to help.

Your Benefits

We give you the possibility to make your idea come true. To do so we will help you develop your idea, supporting you with the means at our disposal. Next steps … Once developed a prototype, we will create a startup that will be owned by Arte and by you, we will develop a business plan and seek funding to exploit that idea. Arte Privacy Policy guarantees the complete confidentiality in the case your idea be selected.


Send us an email to: info@arte-consultores.com